I am here to guide my clients to meet their goals and make transformations in their well-being. The outcome for my clients is to create a life they thrive in.

My practice is founded in Positive Psychology, a research-based branch of psychology that studies the "science of happiness", what enables people to flourish in their lives and work, and how we can apply those findings in fulfilling ways.

My background is in global human resources in the non-profit and private sectors. I am receiving a Master in Positive Organizational Development & Change from Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University, studying under the founder of Appreciative Inquiry, David Cooperrider. I hold certifications in positive psychology from the Wholebeing Institute with Tal Ben-Shahar and coaching from ICF accredited MentorCoach program. Through my career, I have learned why living a wholehearted life through balance and meaning is essential to becoming your best self every day. I would like to help you create a vibrant and amazing life.

I love spending time with my husband and our corgi, Zen who constantly keeps us playing. I enjoy running, boxing, yoga and sailing. I am passionate about traveling the world and learning about other cultures having spent time living abroad in Singapore and Germany.

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