How it works

 I offer a free initial consultation to anyone interested in speaking with me. After the initial consultation we can work with your schedule to setup a standing time to meet on a regular basis. I connect with clients virtually through Zoom, Facetime, Google Hangouts or phone if preferred or in person at my home office in Half Moon Bay, CA.

My Approach



First, we’ll take some time to help you clarify what you want out of your life. We will take an assessment of how you are doing in all eight domains of your life. We’ll use  our findings to select key focus areas of your life. This is a very exciting experience that produces new insights and expanded options to guide our work together.



Then we are going to use these focus areas to develop clear goals. We’ll take a strengths survey to explore how you can best use your unique character strengths and resources to get to where you want to go. During this phase, we may discover untapped strengths, unrealized resources, and a greater appreciation of all that you have available to help you on your journey. Your focus areas, goals, and strengths will help us build a road map and vision of what your ideal life would be.



And then we are going to create a game plan together. We'll craft the plan using your goals and road map which you will then be accountable for to make lasting life change.  We’ll layout a set of coaching sessions grounded in positive psychology principles to drive our coaching work together. During our coaching sessions we can address any practical or personal issues standing in your way, and set you on a path to achieve a more balanced, meaningful and happy life.

For further information about what coaching can do for you, please check out my FAQ section and Yelp reviews.