I offer happiness coaching services to help individuals to meet their goals, capitalize on strengths and make transformations in their life to experience greater well-being. Using practices grounded in positive psychology, I work with clients to create new pathways forward discovering more meaning, joy and purpose in their lives and work.

Using approaches in positive organizational development, I offer support and guidance to organizations looking to heighten their effectiveness and performance. We tap into the human potential within the organization identifying key individual and shared strengths that contribute to a thriving company. I work with organizations to help enable their people to experience a greater sense of well-being and connectedness to their work, therefore bringing about higher performance. Together, we collaboratively strategize by crafting an action plan, top key priorities and routinely evaluate performance to create sustained organizational change and improvement.

For an additional boost of wellness, I offer yoga classes and guided meditation sessions to individuals, groups and organizations. I have received my 200 hour RYT under Jenna Palm at The Corner Studio and specialize in Yin Yoga. I am also trained in HeartMath, a mindfulness technique that incorporates bio-feedback to help individuals practice coherence mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.


With a focus on well-being, I routinely offer interactive workshops and events under a variety of positive psychology and wellness related topics in partnership with companies and within the community. Events cover topics that benefit personal outlook on happiness, reduce stress, improve social connections, elevate self-esteem and overall health.